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Our Mission:

The mission of the Latin American Health Alliance is to identify and address the significant health disparities that exist for Latinos/Latinas living in the greater Worcester area. LAHA advocates for the Latino Community; researches and responds to important social issues that affects the Worcester area Latino population.  LAHA implements initiatives and programs that address identified service gaps.

Our Vision:

Treatment is not likely to be successful by simply treating people for a few months and letting them go. Long term survival demands that we give individuals the tools they need in order to maintain and support themselves after they leave the facility. It is with this in mind is why LAHA championed the other two facets of the HRH program that make it unique.

First housing, LAHA runs a recovery house next door to the treatment center. This program, CASA REYES, allow those in recovery to live on their own while still maintaining contact with the treatment center an participating in groups and activities with those at HRH

Secondly, Job Training, without a source of income, without job skills, the chance of long term success is remote.  To combat this Dr Castiel opened Café Reyes a café that serves as a job training program for residents of HRH and its graduates.



**Please FAX all referrals to 508-459-1808**


The Hector Reyes House is a new model of residential substance abuse treatment. Our program provides services for 25 Latino men. and it offers in-house medical treatment, along with intensive cognitive behavioral therapy. We address nationally recognized health care disparities, alleviating a shortage of treatment options for Latinos,. We offer training and employment options designed to promote recovery, and reduce the odds of relapse. This is the only Latino treatment facility in the Central Massachusetts