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About Us

The Hector Reyes House offers continuum of culturally-informed services for Latino males that focus on recovery from substance use. The overall goal of the program is to help each individual develop skills that will support long-term recovery.

Early in the program, treatment focuses primarily on developing skills to remain abstinent from substance use. The program offers various groups and activities designed to help each individual develop a lifestyle that is consistent with recovery. Program counselors facilitate the program’s daily group meetings. In addition to these group meetings, each individual works with a primary counselor to develop a personal recovery plan. Hector Reyes House Program residents also participate in community-based peer support groups during the week.

Many individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol have serious medical problems. Sometimes, these problems are the direct result of substance abuse. Other times, problems with access to medical care or inability to locate a Spanish-speaking health care provider lead to inadequate treatment of medical illness. To address the medical needs of individuals in the program, the Hector Reyes House provides on-site primary medical care. Ongoing primary medical care is provided by a bilingual and bicultural Latina physician from UMass Memorial Health Care.

Mental health problems, such as major depression, bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, or panic disorder can interfere with recovery from substance abuse. There is clear evidence that treatment is more effective when substance abuse and mental health treatments are integrated. Integration of treatment is an important focus of the Hector Reyes House Program. To accomplish this, the Hector Reyes House Program works closely with community-based mental health providers.

For their personal recovery plan, some individuals set a goal of completing their education. Residents interested in pursuing this goal have the option of enrolling in a GED program. Individuals who complete their high school education can enroll in a college program at one of the local schools or colleges.
Finding a job is another important goal for long-term recovery. After completing the initial phase of the treatment program, residents can begin to search for employment opportunities in Worcester and surrounding communities.

The Hector Reyes House Program offers several groups or activities that are designed to help residents develop other skills for a productive life. Examples of these groups are: Relapse Prevention,  Anger Management and  Financial literacy groups. For residents who have children, the program offers a Father’s Group and Parenting Group. This group helps residents learn how to be a positive role model for their children. We also offer family therapy to help some reunite with family or spouse.

The program also offers a range of activities that emphasize social responsibility and prosocial (non-substance-related) activities. In the past, individuals in the program have participated in community events such as Earth Day, Sober in the Sun, Canal Fest, and the Compton Park clean up. Residents have worked together with other agencies such as Oak Hill Community Development, Worcester Cares About Recovery coalition, EPOCA, and MOAR. For the past few years, residents of the program have served a Thanksgiving dinner for elderly and disabled residents of two Worcester Housing Authority complexes.

Residents of the program also have participated in cultural events and activities with trips to Washington DC, the State House in Boston, the theater and cultural events in Worcester, the Basketball Hall of Fame and Springfield Museum, Kennedy Library, and college sporting events.

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